A SQL Server hardware nugget a day

by Glen Berry

Day 1  (Westmere-EP)
Day 2 (Westmere-EX)
Day 3 (AMD Opteron 6100)
Day 4 (AMD Bulldozer)
Day 5 (Hardware ID – DMVs)
Day 6 (Hardware ID – Built-in)
Day 7 (CPU-Z)
Day 8 (Recommended Intel Processors)
Day 9 (Recommended AMD Processors)
Day 10 (Old Intel Processor Numbering)
Day 11 (New Intel Processor Numbering)
Day 12 (AMD Processor Numbering)
Day 13 (Intel Turbo Boost)
Day 14 (Intel Tick Tock Release Strategy)
Day 15 (Power Plans and CPU performance)
Day 16 (SQL Server 2008 R2 and Hardware)
Day 17 (Geekbench)
Day 18 (AMD Turbo CORE)
Day 19 (RAID Controllers)
Day 20 (Building a Desktop Test System)
Day 21 (Processor Cache Size)
Day 22 (32-bit vs. 64-bit)
Day 23 (Two Socket vs. Four Socket)
Day 24 (TPC-E Benchmark)
Day 25 (DB Server Processor Selection)
Day 26 (Laptop Processor Selection)
Day 27 (Crystal DiskMark)
Day 28 (Intel Chipsets and SSDs)
Day 29 (Hardware Resiliency)
Day 30 (RAID Level Primer)

Glenn ha pubblicato anche il libro SQL Server Hardware, che potete scaricare gratuitamente in format pdf dall’ottima libreria di Red-Gate !